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Posts published in “Book Report”

Willful Blindness

The children who grow up among abusive parents come to maturity feeling crazy, confused, and anxious because their reality has been consistently denied.

Life Before Birth

by: Arthur Janov During the course of about 100 years, Prenatal Psychology has developed from an initially intuitive insight within the scope of psychoanalysis into a broad interdisciplinary field of science. Otto Rank began his study of the possible effect of birth experiences in 1904, finally publishing his book the…

Haircuts by Children

This excerpt of Haircuts by Children is a surprisingly engaging proposition to all parents whether or not they practice conscious parenting to recognize their children as enthusiastic progenitors of their own innate sense of wisdom and propriety. The excerpt focus is particularly on the necessity of society’s Legal culpability for…

Giving the Love that Heals

A book review: A Guide For Parents; couples, grandparents, community and caregivers and interested persons, which offers well considered and clearly written solutions to the dilemma identified by the Offord Centre's 'Early Development Instrument' created to identify 'children at risk' of poor education outcomes and a poor quality of life in adulthood. Written by Harville Hendrix, Ph.d. and his wife Helen Hunt, M.A., M.L.A.