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About the Author

Reader Writer and Thinker | Retired  Landscape Construction & Design | General Contractor | Management Consultant | SFU Lecturer and FVU Adult Education Teacher | Sapper, Royal Canadian Engineers Regiment, 6th Field Squadron (Reserve) | Lay Minister in Home Missions Field of the United Church of Canada.

Beginning This Blog

For seventy years a question has dogged me. “What is going on here?” Yes, even as a four year old I remember thinking “they don’t seem to know or feel the natural world”.

One might imagine ready questions causing problems. They followed me all around; Ask with compassion. Because most can’t recognize nature as source of compassion, much less compassionate in human nature. Who wants to talk about compassion? Maybe about babies? Or maybe about Seniors? Few see the need! But those are the two greatest ones. They are vulnerable to human error at a time when self determination is doubtful.

Search for Conversation

The best way to have a conversation is to be given permission to ask for it. Second, asking questions is the best way to create and maintain community. Third, ask in a way that shares compassion and respect. This has the effect of a salute to another’s. Men do it all the time to each other mostly as strangers. An easy, simple but important sign of recognition of one another’s soul; Not just a man walking on the street. It is an implied acceptance and recognition of the other’s ‘forever imminent’ character. Male of any language. No language required, just a nod.

Soul and Character are the Same

Success in life for me is to Listen. And to learn the secret of asking questions of the people I work with, the ones I love and the newbie’s I’m getting to know. But the most important success in asking questions has been to ask them of my children, even of the unborn ones. Yes, even just before conception. One must ask the right questions and be ready to answer.

Socratic Method

In the case of children or pre borns one must ask questions of the new child’s expectations loaded with passion for this new but alien creature. Most women do it with little coaching; with a sincere intent to listen and pay attention to the answers in all forms of human language performed within a single family.

I’ve learned one’s enthusiastic anticipation empowers the child, it actually makes the child feel and know it’s invincible. A  character which is viable in the world. This is nature’s planned foundation for all human character.

Children are Conceived Having Expectations

Contrary to conventional thought, the child comes with its own special set of expectations in its pristine unconscious. It pre consciously articulates in the womb but is also assisted with memory of its cellular history which substantiates its own feelings of pre-existence and expectation. It also knows and feels the knowledge of fear and Joy.  I learned this while raising my four children. And read into it.

Plato: Hippocrates’ Medicine Founded in Human Nature

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle have corroborated my experience and have even gone much further in sharing of their wisdom for human nature and the natural world itself. Between them they created used and affirmed by testing what is called Socratic Philosophy. It is founded on the idea that human nature and the natural world are foundational. The starting point of their Philosophy.

Human Nature and the Natural World

The foundation of Socratic Philosophy is recorded by Plato in his Dialogues, his Republic and his letters. It is illuminated by Aristotle who was first in many things but most importantly in the development of the Scientific Method and the search for physical truth. And in his greatness the training of Alexander, son of King Philip of Macedonia, who under the tutelage of Aristotle unified the ancient Greek world.

Children – Classically Educated

Parents, their immediate family their extended and community members include teachers, musicians, shopkeepers, and artisans; altogether are the Greek paideia. Socratic Parenting comes from this ancient tradition. And it is reflected directly in Plato’s Republic which I and others see as a curriculum for educating and building ‘soul’ ‘character’ in the polis. (to be Citizens of Athens)

Socratic Method in Child Rearing

Ideas on Socratic Parenting will contribute to our world. Personal experience shows surprising effectiveness for raising character – a sense of self in children. They’ll feel invincible and not be easily defeated, but make good decisions in life. Yours will too. They will sustain a Victorious Will for eternity.  If you use the Socratic Method by purely asking questions, they’ll get their sense of self for the rest of their lives. Even beginning from before conception is recommended.

Donald Legh Mitchell