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Corporations as Persons

‘Socially Divide and Conquer’

Sacred Economics, a book by Charles Eisenstein lays out arguments on how the modern cash economy ‘strips mines’ culture, leaving its leftover ‘market characters’, citizens created by it as robots. Focussing dominance of the consumer for wealth creation sharing nothing in its successive & complete dominance. Individuals who subscribe to the post modern market economy are in the majority, they and their perpetrators leave humanity at a disadvantage. They become devoted to personal self aggrandizement in irrational narrowly oriented ways, a manufactured culturally consented consumer point of view. And is only supported by unresolved universally permissive power oriented corporate robotic behaviour favored and supported in law, with minimal accession through democratic principles they are lost in translation of principle and meaning.

Market Character

This transient reality is commonly used to divide and separate the human in society, replacing the need for credibly deep relationships and validated knowing, both individually and in community. This contributes to discord in ideas and communal behaviour. A new ethic subsumed with corporate discipline while denigrating the need for extensive essential human outcomes as traditional time honoured universal human responses.

Market Orientation

While mocking the democratic process and the first nations’ petition to sustain their identity through land claims and managing ways for living well in this modern world, the present pervasive market oriented outcomes leave extensive human wreckage in unresoved despair and petty conflict. A condition of 21st Century capitalist colonialism.

Corporate Robots

Sound confusing? Yes it is, even to me. But it is the modus operandi of corporate robotic behaviour in what seems to pass for the modern democratic process. A process which leaves individual citizens mutable in a landscape of technical ‘gobble de gook’ offered as essential information required for decision making in a democracy. Whereas it becomes quickly obvious and falsely, that any democratic discernment must be ‘left to the experts’ due to its profound complexity and evident disconnect from normal daily living;

Gaming Democracy

Except to make trivial decisions on which items one must consume today based on the latest ‘eduvert’ and persistent media drum beat for impetus. And the all ‘consuming’ imperative to acquire cash to expedite the trivial task of consumption as if it is an essential living habit but lacking any requirement for personal planning or communal talk/discussion.

“Back to the Future”

Ironically, first nations land claims and self governance demands in Canada today fit well as a rallying point for all Canadians. We all share the same persistent form of corporate robotic subjugation due to the created market economy’s attack on the human community existential to being a human of any stripe. What First Nations traditions potentially promise as a satisfactory blend of their communal strength and landscape integrity. This realization will banish the need for the long pending complete renovation of the shopworn mode of western paternalism with its habitual disingenuous deceit toward veneration of the cash rich elite to the detriment of being human. 

Relationship – Honour & Respect

I believe such a blend will facilitate everyone’s universal human need for relationship including building standards which honour, respect and promote a special way of knowing. It is a deep human need for acknowledgement of the truth about ‘being in human community’ which is not subject to the infinite whim of countless wealthy corporations, which are nothing more than ‘inhuman’ corporate robots created for ‘service to society’ with no more responsibility to it than to maximize shareholder returns through any legal means and subterfuge including passing as much environmental cost as possible onto communal resources with traditional corporate irresponsibility toward any democratic means for recovery. Actually by historically natural social selection these resources can be rightfully claimed in all First Nations petitions for land claims.

Opportunity to Encourage the Future

It is my purpose in writing to lead the creation of opportunity to encourage Canadians to proceed democratically and consultatively in building a new Canada, based on the now completed truth and reconciliation report. Creating an example to the world that will fully accommodate First Nations and all their associated traditions rich and pregnant with promise for a Canadian way of life that enlists the blessings of their wise and ancient cultures, in oral tradition. To meld and enjoy the myriad of significant traditions in the six hundred nations that promise the ability for all to live together in a good way. To build a common path for the celebration and elevation of the human spirit as it was meant to be by the creator.

The Forest Lands Charter

Two illustrations in English literature and law are appropriate to mention: The Forest Lands Charter of 1217 which resolves who owns, manages and uses the Kings land in England. And the legend of The Sorcerer and His Apprentice. The latter; ‘now’ being the story of how corporate robots are getting away from us humans at no cost to them but at great cost to our optional human future. The former; has a little known but important document in association with a legendary one named the Magna Carta of 1215. Next is my proposal to break silence between nations:

The task is to create agreement and a practice method for ‘parlay’ or ‘feasthouse talk’ using much needed continuing traditional and modern forums for talking truth and reconciliation to gain in communally each other’s overall goodwill and desire for a creative and beneficial future for all Canadians including a method for sharing this good will with the world far into the future by enlisting Universities across Canada and the world.

Democracy for Property Owners

One way today would be to ask the assembly of first nations to sponsor through AFN programming at any university as part of policy to maintain a regular & frequent form of  ’talking stick festival’, functional forums thoroughly journalized online and reported in the daily news.

Part of my plan is to recommend the AFN to approve a seminar series standard for any university in Canada or the World who wish to hold regularly what would amount to something much like a ‘AFN shadow cabinet for university and continuing education students’. The general public can register in as CE participants and contributors that will promote discussion and education of the citizenry. The method will promote quality of life for all intercultural affairs but also contribute to effective Democratic institutions in Canada.

Gifting Economics

The thesis of Charles Eisenstein in Sacred Economics as I read it, seems to be thoroughly embraced by First Nations’ evolutionary economic history in its foretelling. The idea seems to suggest also a proposing role of AFN Shadow Cabinets in Capilano University and others worldwide.

The AFN would adopt the will to require some exciting cooperative nations wide discussion and planning toward strategic cabinet ministry labels: Finance, Education, Economics, Health, Civil Infrastructure, Families and Housing, Transportation Communication, Fisheries Oceans and Watersheds, Ministry of Equitable Income Distribution etc. They are ideas whose time has come.

“How to Speak truth to power.” Gujaw. Haida Chief

This short commentary is motivated by my reading of ‘Sacred Economics by  Charles Eisenstein. Its thesis becomes a plea for the world to recognize the time has come for a more equitable distribution of wealth among people. The global economy is ready for it. In it there is a recognition of human wisdom that comes not from academic discipline but most importantly from what we recognize as indigenous knowing in community. [Repeated today in Canada 600 times]. The silence between us is an affirmation of a very old wisdom on human survival.