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Chinook Dictionary

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Ah-ha, adv. Yes.

Ahn-kut-te, or Ahn-kot-tie. Formerly; before now. With the accent prolonged on the first syllable, a long time ago. Ex. Ahnkutte lakit sun, four days ago; tenas ahnkutte, a little while since.

Al-ah. Expression of surprise. Ex. Alah mika chahko! ah, you’ve come!

Al-kie. Presently; in a little while; hold on; not so fast.

Al-ta. Now; at the present time.

A-mo-te. The strawberry.

An-ah, interj. An exclamation denoting pain, displeasure or depreciation.Ex. Anah nawitka mika halo shem; ah, indeed you are without shame.

Ats, n. A sister younger than the speaker.

A-yah-whul, v. To lend; borrow.

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Be-be. A word used toward children; a kiss; to kiss.

Bedn. A bed.

Bit or Mit. A dime.

Bloomn. A broom. Mamook bloom, to sweep.

Boat. n., adj. A boat, as distinguished from a canoe.

Bos-ton, An American

Boston illahie. The United States.

Bur-dash. An hermaphrodite.

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Cal-li-peen n. A rifle.

Ca-nim n. A canoe Canim stick, the cedar, or wood from which canoes are usually made.

Ca-po A coat

Chah-ko To come; to become. Ex. Kanish mika chahko? when did you come? To come; to become.

Chahko kloshe, to get well

Chack-chack The bald eagle.

Chee Lately; just now; new. Chee nika ko, I have just arrived. Hyas chee, entirely new.

Chet-lo or Jet-lo n. An oyster.

Chet-woot A black bear

Chick-a-min, n., adj. Iron; metal; metallic

T’kope chikamin, silver; pil chickamin, gold or copper.

Chickamin lope, wire; a chain.

Chik-chik. A wagon or cart.

Chil-chil. Buttons.

Chitsh, n. A grandmother.

Chope, n. A grandfather.

Cho-tub, n. A flea.

Chuck, n. Water; a river or stream. Salt chuck, the sea.

Skookum chuck, a rapid.

Solleks chuck, a rough sea.

Chuck chahko or Kalipi, the tide rises or falls;

Saghilli and keekwillie chuck, high and low tide.

Chuck-kiu. To kick.

Close. See Kloshe.

Cly, v. To cry.

Cole, adj. Cold.

Cole illahie, winter.

Icht cole, a year.

Cole sick waum sick, the fever and ague.

Comb. A comb.

Mamook comb, to comb.

Mamook comb illahie, to harrow.

Coo-ley. To run.

Cooley kiuatan, a race-horse.

Yahka hyas kumtuks cooley, he can i.e. knows how to run well.

Coop-coop, n. Shell money.

See Hykwa.

Co-sho, n. A hog; pork.

Siwash cosho, a seal.

Cultus, adj. Worthless; good for nothing; without purpose.Ex. Cultus man, a worthless fellow; cultus potlatch, a present or free gift; cultus heehee, a jest; merely laughing; cultus nannitsh, to look around; cultus mitlite, to sit idle; Ques. What do you want? Ans. Cultus, i.e. nothing.

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De-late. Straight; direct. Ex. Klatawa delate, go straight; delate wauwau, tell the truth.

Di-aub. The devil.

Dely. Dry. Chahko dely, to become dry; mamook dely, to dry.

Doc-tin.A doctor.

Dol-la. A dollar; money. Chikamin dolla, silver; pil dolla, gold; dolla siaghost, spectacles.

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Eh-kah-nam, n. A tale or story.

Eh-ko-li, n. A whale.

Ee-na, n.A beaver.

Eena stick (literally beaver wood), the willow.

Ee-na-poo or In-a-poo. A louse. Sopen inapoo, a flea.

Ek-keh. A brother-in-law.

E-la-han. Aid; assistance; alms. Mamook elahan, to help.

E-lip. E-lip. First; before. Elip lolo chuck, in the first place carry water; elip kloshe, best; elip tilikum, the first people.

Elite. A slave.

E-salt’h. Indian corn or maize.

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Get-up. To get up; rise.

Glease. Grease. Hyiu glease, very fat; too-toosh glease, butter.

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Hah-lakl. Wide, open. Ex. Mamook hahlakl la pote, open the door.

Haht-haht, n. The mallard duck.

Hak-at-shum, n. Handkerchief.

Halo. None; absent. Q. Halo salmon mika? have you no fish?  A. Halo, none. Q. Kah mika papa? where is your father A. Halo, he is out. Halo wind, breathless; dead. Halo glease, lean. Halo iktas, poor; destitute.

Haul, v. To haul or pull.

Hee-hee, n. Laughter; amusement. Cultus hee-hee, fun; mamook hee-hee, to amuse; hee-hee house, any place of amusement, as a tavern, bowling alley, etc.

“Hoh-hoh , n., v. To cough.

Hool-hool, n. A mouse.

Hyas hool-hool, a rat.

House, n. A house. Mahkook house, a store.

Howh. Turn to; hurry.

How-kwutl. Inability. Ex. Howkwutl nika klatawa? how could I go?

Hul-lel, v., n. To shake.

Hul-o-i-ma. Other; another; different. Ex. Huloima tillikum, a different tribe or people;

hyas huloima , very different.

Humm, n., v. A stink or smell, to stink. Humm opootsh, a skunk.

Hunl-kik. Curled or curly; knotted; crooked.

Huy-huy, n., v. To barter or trade. Ex. Huyhuy la sille, change the saddle; huyhuy tumtum, to change one’s mind.

Hwah. Surprise or admiration, also earnestness.

Hy-ak. Swift; fast; quickly; hurry; make haste.

Hyas. Large; great; very. Hyas tyee, a great chief; hyas mahcook, a great price; dear; hyas ankutte, a long time ago; hyas closhe, very good.

Hy-iu. Much, many, plenty, enough. Hyiu tillicum, a crowd; many people; hyiu muckamuck, plenty to eat; tenas hyiu, some, few; wake hyiu, not many or not much.

Hy-kwa. The shell money of the Pacific Coast.

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Ik-kik. A fish-hook.

Ik-poo-ie. To shut. Ikpooie la potev, shut the door; mamook ikpooie, to surround; ikpooie kwillan, deaf.

Ikt. One, once. Ikt man, a man; ikt nika klatawa copa yahka house, I have been once to his house.

Ik-tah. What. Iktah okook? what is that? iktah mika tikegh? what do you want? iktah? well, what now?

Ikta-hs. Goods; merchandise. Hyiu iktahs, a great many goods or merchandise.

“Il-la-hie, n. The ground; the earth; dirt. Tipso illahie, prairie; saghillie illahie; mountains or high land; heaven. Hy-iu illahie kopa, dirty (literally much dirt upon).

In-a-poo. A louse.

Sopen inapoo, a flea.

In-a-ti. Across; opposite to; on the other side of. Inati chuck, on the other side of the river; klatawa inati, to cross over.

Ip-soot. To hide one’s self or anything; to keep secret. Ipsoot klatawa, to steal off; ipsoot wau-wau, to whisper.

Is-ick, n. A paddle. Mamook isick, to paddle.

Is-ick stick, n. The Ash. Literally paddle wood.

Is-kum, v. To take; take hold of; hold; get. Iskum okook lope, hold on to that rope; mika na iskum? did you get it?

It-lan, n. A fathom.

It-lo-kum, n.The game of “hand”. Mamook itlokum, to gamble.

Itl-wil-lie, n. The flesh; meat of any animal. Konaway nika itlwillie sick, all my flesh is sore.

Itswooat. A black bear. Itswooat paseesie, thick dark cloth or blankets.

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Kah. Where; whither, whence. Kah mika mitlite? where do you live? konaway kah, everywhere; hahkah, here and there.

Kah-kah. A crow.

Kah-kwa, adv. Like, similar to; equal with. Ex. Kahkwa nika tumtum, so I think; kahkwa hyas nika, as large as I; kahkwa spose, as if; kloshe kahkwa, that is right; good so.

Kah-na-way, n. Acorns. Kahnaway stick, the oak.

Kahp-ho. Brother, sister, or cousin.

Kah-ta. How; why. Kahta mika mamook okook? why do you do that? kahta mika chahko? how did you come? kahta mika? what is the matter with you? pe kahta? and why so?

Kal-ak-a-lah-ma, n. Goose.

Kal-a-kwah-tie, n. The inner bark of the cedar; the petticoat or shirt formerly worn by women and often made of strands of bark. Kalakwahtie stick, the cedar tree.

Ka-li-tan, n. An arrow shot; a bullet. Kalitan la sac, a quiver; a shot pouch.

Kal-lak-a-la. A bird.

Kamas. A bulbous root used for food.

Kam-ooks, n. A dog. Kahkwa kamooks, like a dog; beastly.

Ka-mo-suk, n. Beads. Tyee kamosuk, (chief beads), the large blue glass beads.

Kap-swal-la. To steal. Kapswalla klatawa, to steal away; kapswalla mamook; to do secretly.

Kat-suk. The middle or center of anything.

Kau-py. Coffee.

Ka-wak, v. To fly.

Kaw-ka-wak. Yellow or pale green.

Keek-wil-lie. Low, below, under, beneath, down. Mamook keekwillie, to lower. Mitlite kee kwillie, to set down; put under.

Keep-woot. A needle; the sting of an insect; a thorn. Shoes keepwoot, an awl.

Keh-loke, n. A swan.

Keh-see. An apron.

Keh-wa. Because.

Kel-a-pie, v.To turn; return; overturn; upset. Kalapie canim, to upset a canoe;hyak kelapie, come back quickly; kelapie kopa house, go back to the house; mamook kelapie, to bring, send or carry back; kelapie tumtum, to change one’s mind.

Kes-chi. Notwithstanding; although.

Ket-lin. A kettle, can, basin, etc.

Kil-it-sut, n. Flint, a bottle,“ glass.

Kimtah. Behind, after, afterwards, last, since. Klatawa kimta, go behind; nika elip pe yahka kimtah, I first and he afterwards; okook kimtah, the one behind; kimtah nika nannitsh mika, since I saw you.

King George. English. King George man, an Englishman.

Ki-nootl. Tobacco.

Kish-kish, v. To drive as cattle or horses.

Kiu-a-tan, n. A horse. Stone kiuatan, a stallion.

Ki-wa. Crooked.

Ki-yah, n. Entrails.

Klah, adj. Free or clean from; in sight. Ex. Chee yahka klah, now he is in sight.

Klatawa klah, to escape.

Chahko klah, (of seed) to come up; (of the woods) to open out; (of the weather) to clear up. Mamook klah, to uncover.

Klah-hanie. Out of doors; out; without. Ex. Mamook klahhanie okook, put that out; klatawa klahhanie, to go out.

Kla-how-ya. How do you? good bye. Ex. Klahowya sikhs, good bye, friend. Hyas klahowyum nika, I am very poor; mamook klahowyum, to take pity on; give alms; be generous.

Klah-wa, adv. Slow; slowly.

“Klahwa klatawa, go slowly.

Klak, adv. Off. Ex. Mamook klak stone kiuatan, to castrate a horse; mamook klak l’assiette, take off the plates; klak kopo wayhut, get out of the road.

Klaks-ta. Who.

Klaksta mamook okook? who made or did that? Halo klaksta, no one.

Klak-wun or Kleh-kwan.To wipe; to lick. Klakwun l’assiette, to wipe a plate.

Klale or T’kale. Black or dark blue or green.

Klap, v. To find. Ex. Mika na klap mika kiuatan? did you find your horse?

klap tenas, to be with child.

Kla-pite, n. Thread; twine.

Klas-ka or Kluska. They; thine; them.

Klat-a-wa, v. To go. Klatawa teahwhit, to walk; go on foot. Klatawa kopa kiuatan, to ride. Klatawa kopa boat, to sail. Mamook klatawa, to send.

Kla-whap. A hole. Mamook klawhap, to dig a hole.

Kle-ma-hun, v. To stab; to wound; to dart; to cast as a spear; to hook or gore as an ox. Nika klemahun salmon, I spear salmon.

Klihl or Klilt, adj.Bitter.

Klik-a-muks, n. Blackberries or more properly dewberries.

Klik-wal-lie. Brass.

Klim-in-a-whit, n., v.” A lie; to lie. Hyas kumtuks kliminawhit, he is a great liar.Klimmin illahie, mud; marshy ground. Mamook klimmin, to soften as by dressing a skin.

Klip. Deep; sunken. Klip chuck, deep water. Klip sun, sunset.

Klis-kwiss. A mat.

Klogh-klogh. Oysters.

Klo-nass. Uncertainty; doubt; I don’t know; may be so; who knows? Ex. Klonass nika klatawa, perhaps I shall go. Q. Kah mika kahpho? where is your brother? A. Klonass, I don’t know.

Klone. Three.

Klook. Crooked. Klook teahwit, broken legged; lame.

Klootch-man. A woman; a female of any animal. Tenas klootchman, a girl. Klootchman kiuatan, a mare.

Kloshe. Good; well; enough. Kloshe nannitsh, look out; take care. Hyas kloshe, very well.

Klose-spose. Shall or may I; let me. Ex. Klose-spose nika mamook pia okook? shall I cook that? (literally, [is it] good that I may cook that?)

Klugh. To tear. Mamook klugh illahie, to plough.

Kluk-ulh. Broad or wide, as of a plank.

Ko. To reach; arrival at. Chee klaska ko, they have just come. Kansih nesika ko kopa Nisqually? when shall we reach Nisqually?

Ko-ko. To knock.

Koko stick, a woodpecker.

Kok-shut. To break; broken; to beat. Hyas kokshut, broken to pieces.

Kon-a-way. All; every. Klaska konaway klatawa , they have all gone. Konaway tilicum, everybody.Konaway kah, everywhere.

Koo-sah.The sky.

Ko-pa. To; in; at; with; towards; of; about; concerning; there or in that place. Ex. Kopa nika house, at my house. Lolo okook kopa nika, take that home with you. Cultas kopa nika, it is nothing to me.

Ko-pet. To stop; leave off; enough. Kopet wauwau, stop talking. Kopet ikt, only one. Kopet okook, that’s all. Wake siah kopet, nearly finished. Kopet tomalla, day after to-morrow.

Kow. To tie; to fasten. Kow mika kiuatan, tie your horse. Ikt kow, a bundle.

Kul-lagh. A fence; corrall or enclosure. Kullagh stick, fence rails.

Kull.Hard in substance; difficult. Chahko kull, to become hard. Mamook kull, to harden; to cause to become hard. Hyas kull spose mamook, it is very hard to do so. Kull stick, oak or any hard wood.

Kumtuks. To know; understand; be acquainted with; imagine; believe. Mamook kumtuks, to explain. Kopet kumtuks, to forget. Halo kumtuks, stupid; without understanding.

Kumtuks kliminawhit, to be a liar.

Nika kumtuks okook tyee, I know that chief. Nika kumtuks Klickitat wauwau, I understand the Klickitat language.

Kun-sih. How many; when; ever.

Kunsih tilikum mitlite? how many people are there? Kunsih mika klatawa? when do you go? Wake kunsih, never. Mamook kunsih, to count.

Konaway moxt. Both; together. Konaway moxt kahkwa, both alike.

Kush-is. Stockings.

Kwah-ne-sum. Always; forever.

Kwah-niceA whale.

Kwahta. The quarter of a dollar.

Kwah-tin. See Yakwahtin.

Kwaist. Nine.

Kwa-lal. To gallop.

Kwal’h. An aunt.

Kwan-kwan. Glad.

Kwash. Fear; afraid; tame. Mamook kwash, to frighten; to tame.

Kwates. Sour.

Kweh-kweh. A mallard duck.

Kwek-wi-ens. A pin.

Kwek-kweo. A ring; a circle.

Kwetlh. Proud.

Kwin-num. Five.

Kwish. Refusing anything contemptuously.

Kwit-shad-ie. The hare or rabbit.

Kwo-lann. The ear. Halo kwolann or ikpooie kwolann, deaf.

Kwult’h. To hit; to wound with an arrow or gun.

Kwun-nun. A count; numbers. Ex. Mamook kwunnun, to count.

Kwutl. Literally fast; to push or squeeze. Hyas mamook kwutl, haul tight.

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La-bleed. A bridle.

La-boos. The mouth; the mouth of a river. Moxt laboos, the fork of a river.

La-boo-ti. A bottle.

La-cal-at. A carrot.

La-ca-set. A box, trunk or chest.

La-clo-a. A cross.

Lagh. To lean; to tip as a boat; to stoop; to bend over as a tree. Wake mika lagh kopa okoot house, don’t lean against that house.

La-gome. Pitch; glue. La gome stick, light-wood; the pitch-pine.

La-gwin. A saw.

La-hal. See Slahal.

Lahb. The arbutus.

La-hash. An axe or hatchet.

Lakit. Four; four times.

Lakit tahtlelum, forty.

La-kles. Fat; oil. La-lah. To cheat; fool; to practice jokes.

Mamook lalah, to make fun.

La-lahm. An oar. Mamook lalahm, to row.

La-lang. The tongue; a language.

La Lim A file.

La-messe. The ceremony of the mass.

La-mes-tin. Medicine.

Lam-mi-eh. An old woman.

La-mon-ti. A mountain.

La-peep. >A tobacco pipe.

Lapeep kullakala, the pipe bird.

La-pehsh. A pole; the setting pole of a canoe or boat.

La-pel-lah. Roast. Mamook lapellah, to roast before the fire.

La-pelle. A shovel or spade.

La-pe-osh. A mattock; a hoe.

La-piege. A trap. lapiege, a beaver trap.

La-plash. A board.

La-po-el. A frying pan. Mamook lapoel, to fry.

La-pome. An apple.

La-pool. A fowl; poultry. Siwash lapool, the grouse.

La-poo-shet. A fork.

La-pote. A door.

La-sanjel. A girth; a sash; a belt.

La-see. A saw.

La-sell. A saddle.

La-shal-loo. A plough.

La-shan-del. A candle.

La-shase. A chair.

La-shen. A chain.

Las-siet. A plate.

La-sway. Silk; silken.

La-tahb. A table.

La-tet. The head. Pil latet, red-headed.

La-tlah. A noise. Mamook latlah, to make a noise.

La-ween. Oats.

La-west. A waistcoat.

Lazy. Lazy.

Le-bah-do. A shingle.

Le-bal. A ball; bullet. Tennas lebal, shot.

Le-bis-kwie. Biscuit; cracker; hard bread.

Le-blou. A sorrel horse; chestnut colored.

Le-clem. Cream colored; a cream colored or light dun horse.

Le-cock. A cock; a fowl.

Le-doo. A finger.

Le-gley. A gray horse; gray.

Le-jaub. See Diaub.

Le-kleh. A key. Mamook lekleh, lock the door.

Le-klo. A nail; nails.

Le-koo. The neck.

Le-kye. A spot; spotted or speckled. Lekye salmon, the spotted or winter salmon.

Lo-lo-ba. A ribbon.

Le-loo. A wolf.

Le-mah. The hand; the arm. Kloshe lemah, the right hand. Potlatch lemah, shake hands.

Le-mah-to. A hammer.

Le-mel. A mule.

Le-mo-lo. Wild; untamed.

Le-mo-to. Sheep.

Le-pan. Bread; raised or light bread.

Le-pee. The feet.

Le-pish-e-mo. The saddle, blankets and housings of a horse.

Le-pet. A priest.

Le-pwau. Peas.

Le-sak. A bag; a pocket.

Le-sap. An egg; eggs.

Le-see-blo. Spurs.

Le-see-zo. Scissors.

Le-sook. Sugar.

Le-tah. The teeth.

Le-whet. A whip. Mamook lewhet, to whip.

Lice. Rice.

Lik-pu-hu. An elder sister.

Lip-lip. To boil. Mamook liplip, to make or cause to boil.

Lo-lo. To carry; to load. Lolo kopa chickchick, to carry in a cart. Mamook lolo kopa canim, to load into a canoe.

Lo-wul-lo. Round; whole; the entire of anything. Lowullo sapeleel, whole wheat. Mamook lowullo, to roll up.

Lope. A rope. Tenas lope, a cord. Skin lope, a rawhide.

Lum. Rum, or any spirits.

Luk-ut-chee. Clams.

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Mah-kook. To buy or sell. Kah mika mahkook okook calipeen? where did you buy that rifle? Hyas mahkook, dear. Tenas mahkook, cheap.

Mah-kook-house. A trading house or store.

Mah-lie. To forget.

Mahsh. To leave; to turn out; to throw away; to part with; remove. Ex. Mahsh chuck kopa boat, bail the boat out. Mahsh okook salmon, throw away that fish. Mahsh mika capo, take off your coat. Yahka mahsh tum-tum kopa nika, he has given me his orders.

Mah-sie. Thank you.

Maht-lin-nie. Off shore.

Maht-wil-lie. In shore; shoreward; keep in.

Ma-lah. Tinware; crockery; earthenware.

Mal-i-eh. To marry.

Ma-ma. A mother

Mam-ook. To make; to do; to work. Ex. Mamook isick, to paddle; mamook illahee, to dig.

Man. A man; the male of any animal. Ex. Man moolock, a buck elk. Tenas man, a young man or boy.

Mel-a-kwa. A mosquito.

Mel-ass. Molasses.

Mem-a-loost. To die; dead. Mamook memaloost, to kill.

Me-sah-chie. Bad; wicked.

Me-si-ka. You; your; yours.

Mika. Thou; thy; thine.

Mi-mie. Down stream.

Mist-chi-mas. A slave.

Mit-ass. Leggings.

Mit-lite. To sit; sit down; stay at; reside; remain. Ex. Mitlite nika hyiu salmon kopa, sit down I have plenty of salmon. Mitlite keekwillie, to put down.

Mit-whit. To stand; stand up. Mitwhit stick, a standing tree; a mast.

Mokst. Twice.

Moo-la. A mill. Stick moola, a saw-mill.

Moo-lock. An elk.

Moon. The moon. Ikt moon, a month. Sick moon, the wane or old moon.

Moos-moos. Buffalo; horned cattle.

Moo-sum. To sleep; sleep. Nika hyas moosum, I slept very sound.

Mow-itsh. A deer; venison.

Muck-a-muck. To eat; to bite; food. Muckamuck chuck, to drink water.

Musket. A gun or musket. Stick musket, a bow.

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Na. The interrogative particle. Ex. Mika na klatawa okook sun? do you go to-day? Interrogation is, however, often conveyed by intonation only.

Nah. Look here! I say!

Nah sikhs! halloo, friend.

Nan-itsh. To see; look; look for; seek. Nanitsh yahwa, look there. Klose nanitsh, look out; take care. Cultus nanitsh, to look round idly or from curiosity only. Mamook nanitsh, to show.

Nau-its. The sea beach.

Na-wit-ka. Yes; certainly; yes indeed; to be sure. Nawitka wake nika kumtuks, indeed I don’t know. Wake mika nanitsh? did you not see [it]? Nawitka, I did not.

Nem. A name. Mamook nem, to name or call by name.

Ne-nam-ooks. The land otter.

Ne-si-ka. We; us; our.

Ne-whah. Hither; come, or bring it hither. Ex. Newhah nika nanitsh, here, let me see it.

Ni-ka. I; me; my; mine.

Nose. The nose; also, a promontory. Boat nose, the bow of a boat.

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O-kook. This; that; it. Iktah okook? what is that? Okook sun, to-day. Okook klaksta, he who. Okook klaska; they (being present).

O-la-pits-ki. Fire.

O-le-man. Old man; old; worn out. Hyas oleman kiuatan, a very old horse.

Ol-hy-iu. A seal.

O-lil-lie. Berries. Shot olillie, huckleberries. Siahpult olillie, raspberries. Salmon olillie, salmon berries.

O-lo. Hungry. Olo chuck, thirsty; olo moosum, sleepy.

O-luk. A snake.

Oos-kan. A cup; a bowl.

O-pe-kwan. A basket; tin kettle.

O-pitl-kegh. A bow.

O-pit-sah. A knife. Opitsah yahka sikhs, (the knife’s friend) a fork. This word is also used to denote a sweetheart.

O-poots. The posterior; the tail of an animal. Boat opoots, the rudder. Opoots-sill, a breech clout.

Ote-lagh. The sun.

Ow. A brother younger than the speaker.

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