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McMaster University

Begin Conscious Parenting Practice with Proof it Works!

Whenever I speak to anyone I tell them my prime interest is conscious parenting. But I always stumble over the most common response: Give me proof! they say. So for pretty well all that I write comes with corroborated scientific proof in the form of the popular writings of the scientists themselves.

The best way for me to do this is to offer the books I have read who support my ideas or teach me them. Amazon is the most reliable place those books can be sourced but if you decide to buy them I will be paid a commission for marketing and making it available to you. Some of the organizations I promote do not pay me but I am happy to spread the words they find important.

Two of the organizations are the Offord Centre at McMaster University and HELP at UBC in Vancouver. Human Early Learning Partnership. Please read on and collect your library on this next great step in human compassion. It is given it’s greatest boost by the the Early Development Instrument.

The Early Development Instrument

The Offord at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has created the Early Development Instrument. The ‘EDI’ is a predictive tool which measures a child’s preparedness for school by individuals who are entering for the first time preschool and kindergarten classrooms. The same instrument’s predictive quality lies in its ability to discern a child’s likelihood of positive life outcome in his or her adult years.

Generally western nations’ educational traditions have adopted the EDI for use in most public and private schools. This means each nation which adopts the tool is participating in a generally accepted standard to understand and predict lifestyle outcomes for its particular ‘polis’. This helps to form a world basis to measure the effectiveness for educational styles and purpose.

Because I am Canadian with many centuries of ancestry here, it is my prime focus and purpose to encourage universal understanding amongst our unique blend of culture, heritage and habits; Canadian outcomes which are unique to Canada alone. While I’m not a professional educator at primary and secondary schools, I have notable experience teaching adults at University and College in: Business Ethics, Organization Behaviour, Accounting, Business Math, Office Management & Control and competitive Digital Business Games.

I was brought up and reside in a Canadian community that has the highest average income per person in the country. More than $150,000.00 annually. Yet 6000 single parents with more than two children in their charge live here below the country’s poverty line of $25,000 income annually in this community. The majority of those parents are single mothers. The total population in the community today is approximately 47000 people; men women and children. This data is garnered mostly from the census Canada report for the year 2011 and the total population for the community is shrinking steadily with many homes remaining empty. They are commonly owned by offshore landowners who reportedly see opportunity for substantial capital gains but without customary citizenship participation for this one socially vibrant democratic benefactor community and the country which supports it.

The ratio revealed in this community’s EDI for children at risk, surveyed in 2017 when entering preschool and Kindergarten, aggregated, is slightly over 34%. [47% Boys and 24%] Girls The statistical norm for for a model community worldwide is around 7%. Sweden and Cuba seem to be leaders in the low score norm. In a recent news release Hamilton Ontario’s community foundation and where to EDI was developed in the Offord Centre at McMaster University has announced its publication of the local school district’s EDI which is over 30% for the same cohort of children entering preschool or kindergarten.

Canada’s Social Welfare At Risk

The above information is a prescient warning for the danger looming over our prideful western society. On the surface little seems to be able to be done about correcting this severe anomaly in our modern world. The Offord Centre effort is a start and the Hamilton City Community Foundation publishing the statistics online for all to see is deeply encouraging, but the task of bringing community consciousness of the democratic voter into the equation will be a special task of monumental circumstance and importance.

Our nation’s social welfare is at risk, weighted down by no experience or forethought as to what the outcome can or will be and the solution to this deep dilemma cannot left in professional educators hands, they are already fully encumbered with mounting responsibilities and are limited by professional standards which disallow unscientific outcomes and human cultural responses formed from traditions or oral memory and wisdom handed down from generations past. Educators can only do so much when bound by professional ethics and peer review, whereas some individuals with life experience and understanding of custom and duty may be equipped to offer insight and solutions handed down from ancient memory which Plato espouses.

My social inheritance comes from a deep past in Canada of Scottish and later English Imperialism primarily informed by a social dynamic of Presbyterianism and military dominion over the Northern Irish. My first ancestors appeared on these Canadian shores as dutifully pensioned by the Crown, Scottish mercenaries which were awarded the vacated Acadian farms of Nova Scotia, originally purchased from the indigenous peoples. They are commonly called the ‘Ulster Scot’ originally commissioned by King James of England the same who is responsible for the King James Bible translated from the Olde English.

I know by the questions my mother asked me that my ancestors saw Canada as a place to pursue human virtue. To become more than mercenaries with a professional bent for war. Now in my senior years I realize and know she obtained her primary education in the care of the Presbyterian community of St Henri in Montreal. Quebec being famous for not providing an education to its non catholic citizens. A Presbyterian education as founded by John Knox in his preaching of the 16th century, is on platonic principles and Knox’ notion of personal responsibility toward ones community.

The principles Platon established through his writing of his ‘Dialogues’ and thereby passing them on to posterity including his deep recognition of the power of the Socratic Method. Named for his teacher Socrates, was also  passed on to his students Aristotle and others, implied personal responsibility of the student by the nature of the transfer of principles from teacher to student in that the Socratic Method is highly effective in developing the balanced character or soul.

For the student since questions not admonitions are most effective in encouraging and therefore building the individual’s’ sense of self. To agglomerate the proprietary self in the process. The order of which minimizes any threat of neurosis developing in the young individual while being raised in an otherwise problematic human environment.

Education and Custom Of Oral History

A presbyterian education is founded on Platonic principles of knowing. Modern science through the Aristotle’s Scientific Method. This is done through the care of the gifts with whom the new human comes:

  1. An expectation of Assurance of Welcome, sustained by the family and community.
  2. Grammar/Language its development and assurance in positive social interaction.
  3. Logic/Mathematics a natural expectation for reason in the human embryo’s knowing.
  4. Rhetoric/Dialectic sustained dialogue between individuals, orally and graphically.

It is an essential element of assurance through interactive practice in family and community immediately upon conception, quickly promoted by a social contract of rules for meeting expectations as the infant develops quickly and unexpectedly. Much earlier than most believe.

In the Platonic sense an education of the soul is partitioned in three parts. Mind, Spirit and Appetite. Each are in need of care, education and tutoring in self awareness of the good.  Each element requires a different approach to its maturation but all three have a task assigned (the eudaemon) and a destiny (contribution of memory to the universe). And therefore, a mindfulness of the community toward the infinite potential for good in the individual. If only proper education can be enacted for all. It has been said in the Platonic commentary that both Socrates and Aristotle were known to giggle and laugh in delight over this special insight for infinite human potential and its promise for the future.

Canada’s Foundation of Platonic Education

John Knox is the acknowledged founder of Scottish Presbyterianism. I harbour an insight that Knox’s unique relationship with George Wishart a Roman Catholic Priest who was his employer and whom Knox served as a bodyguard but failing to protect Wishart against his burning at the stake for blasphemy by his bishop. Wishart forbade Knox from retaliating by killing the Cardinal Beatson.

But in the same breath set an assignment for Knox to accept the task to stop the senseless killing. But to teach his people to accept personal responsibility by learning to read thus educating themselves, care for their neighbours and to make a new world based on the gifts a ‘human nature’ possess through the grace of their creator.

The insight is that in accepting George Wishart’s assignment, John Knox is the original promulgator of the Scottish Enlightenment and of the Industrial Revolution through preaching to his faithful adherents, personal responsibility in their relationship with the Creator and to being educated methodically through Platonic Philosophy whose finest secret is . . .

The Socratic Method, a systematic way for arriving at truth by probing questions to the self. But also through learning to read, and by encouraging his adherents to adopt the socratic method and the Scientific Method of Aristotle in medicine, economics, engineering, banking, sociology, psychology and statesmanship.

See (How the Scots Invented the Modern World).

There was a contemporary to John Knox who has also been instrumental in furthering Platonic philosophy and education in the Americas. His name is Ignatius Loyola, who was the founder of the Society of Jesus (SJ) the brotherhood is known as the Jesuits his fame is great in that he made a pact with his Pope of the time to not proselytize in the European Sphere but to devote his mission to that of the Americas.

This was done until the present day when the world now witnesses Francis, the first Jesuit Pope in history. But Jesuits are well known in Canada today as the teachers of two Prime Ministers. The Jesuits are known for their educative power in the Americas and in turn their philosophical integrity for their skill is based on Platonic principles of education first elucidated by the philosopher teacher Plato using the socratic method.

It is a practice which brings out the important human gift of critical thinking all humans are blessed with its potential. Most people who are fortunate enough to be practice in critical thinking skills are usually invincible in their approach to life.

The European Union

The European Union born out of two profoundly destructive world wars Grown to a highly effective economic union within one century. It has placed the ‘death nel’ on state imperialism: authoritarianism as a method of solving human problems and placed it in reserve.

Hopeful political economies emerging from Africa and other parts of the third world, it is providing leadership direction for all states and institutions for endeavouring to solve human problems by human means. Other than war and manifold coercive forms of violence in language, protocol, invective, presumption and indigence including implied threat.

Technology, by itself seems to be driving social change but its powerful superficiality is profoundly misleading. Aristotelian scientific method spread throughout the world on the ‘stone boat’ of Capitalism is no match for the Platonic enlistment of the socratic method of self questioning and social resolve through Oral Tradition and the Socratic/Platonic promise that “memory is the destiny of mankind”. Helped by George Orwell’s informative Platonic Reasoning observation Maxim; “He who controls the past controls the future”. It is a maxim that focuses on the idea that ‘the good’ is always in the best interest of human nature and the bad will be purged from memory by a natural and conscious effort of the human community.


A well educated population from all strata of human society must now become a human priority. Platonic philosophical principles will become more pervasive within all human culture beyond what it is now and more prone to human development. The time has come for human individuals to be valued universally each for their wealth of capacity instead of being systematically and wilfully denigrated as meaningless and ineffective intellectual creatures.

The bullying which effects such inappropriate custom must be seen as a form of ignorance in parallel with indigence also an indication of manifold instances of personal ignorance and assumed privileges not earned through contribution to the good in community. EDI science is pointing to the means for discerning and affecting education for all parts of society.


The women’s movement called feminism agitating for recognition of value and equality must be rethought in order to bring universal value to male female relations. The greatest challenge is to create/invent a less violent, denigrating ethos to feminism but to search its practical and human utility. Maybe the Greek tradition of Athena will inform the future rather than to place all weight on manhood to rectify the anomalous situation of assumed male violence and hopelessness of manhood and individual mens’ communal responsibility which is actually a system of conference with, referral to and affirmation of the feminine ego in community. Not a separation of this whole from manhood.

Platonic Philosophical Principles

The universal effect of Platonic philosophical principles on world society particularly interpreted and enacted in the scientific method by Aristotle and his students to this day is undeniable. It has lead to immense technological progress which has Resulted in the ammassing of immense economic power but also ‘knowledge to do good’ the essence of platonic principles of brought forth from Socratic wisdom which reliably points at the source of truth being in the natural world and therefore human nature, the real source of truth. But in many ways generally invisible the management of this human power has been misused and abused for the benefit of the few.

Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein outlines the problem and solutions to this dilemma of human abuse and the ‘gift’. That capitalism in its own thesis of wealth building is actually dividing individuals in humanity minutely and disturbingly toward consummate anti social behaviour.

Countering the human potential for ‘good’ which Plato in his use of ‘Socratic Wisdom’ sites as the source of all growth in human nature outlined in his Dialogues. It also leads to  profound abuse and disregard for our earthly environmental home and our own richly endowed human ecology that is irretrievably linked to the universe.

The denigration and disintegration of the human soul well defined by Plato through the Socratic Method and his dialogues, our modern society ignores as inconsequential and belittles it in the makeup all  but particularly within the ken of the lesser lights of our whole society. This phenomenon the willful ignorance of the necessity of character building of the individual in the family and community, is the single greatest impediment to human progress and to the accumulated ‘good’ of human existence. It is a singular impediment to Justice as argued in the Platonic dialogues particularly in Plato’s Republic. It continues in spite of the human capacity for reason and growth in knowledge and belief capacity of each and every individual from the very young and disadvantaged to the oldest and forlorn.

Donald W Winnicott, a psychiatrist and obstetrics gynaecologist practicing and writing before during and after the second world war in Britain wrote that his desire to practice family medicine is frustrated because of his lack access to the family dynamics from time time of embryo conception to its age of the child’s third birthday.

Winnicott’s prognosis from his noted ‘professional frustration’ states that the very essence of Democratic society is threatened by his and society’s inability to attend effectively with the challenges of a family and the raising of children in this period of family growth; which is the prime time for constituting ones character, particularly here in the constitution of the infant’s soul/character. It is ironic that Socrates through Plato’s Republic states this is the task of society as identified by Platonic Philosophy in the Republic.

Lack of professional caregiver access to family ecology from before conception through to embryo, fetus, and infant to the beginning of preschool at age three years, evidently makes parenting today in this period of development effectively a ‘poor crap shoot’ for positive outcomes in building a non neurotic character in this stage of human development; probably the most important and dangerous ‘at risk’ time for the new human.

Maybe the training of Doula’s which I see evidence toward growth in my community will add greatly to a more kinder and gentler relationship and behaviour encouragement for especially 47% of boy’s and the 24% of girl’s compromised before entering preschool.

Modern science of the mind shows that the slightest error by the caregiver will do lifetime duration damage, instil neurotic behaviour to the newly conceived. This practical reality is corroborated by both Winnicott’s and Plato’s science. One and the same through Plato’s student Aristotle and his scientific method.

Character Building Through Breastfeeding

Socratic philosophy and Winnicott’s practice of family medicine meet at the wisdom around the role of breastfeeding as a character building function of the infant by both parents. Socratic Wisdom holds that human character has three operative elements: Mind, Spirit and Appetite. In other words the newly conceived fetus comes with Mind to think critically, Spirit to motivate and Appetite to satisfy. Winnicott’s wisdom through his practice of family medicine and psychiatry addresses a profound sensitivity of human character in the three forms as a whole and instructs how parents should act in order to assure good development of the child from before conception to age three. But in our modern social milieu the emphasis of success and striving for it is not the raising of children, but the raising of money. In the process humain qualities of the good are left behind in the quest for gold! Good character blows out the door replaced by sketchy dreams of wealth and power, the central importance of children is forgotten. Left to amateurs, not the parents who might breastfeed. Winnicott calls the phenomenon “Good enough parenting”.

The best way to highlight the problem is to call it an example of the blind/ignorant leading the willing and impressionable. Which find themselves having been lead into a cave from which it is impossible seemingly to return to the light. False indignance and denial being the orders of the day. A vacancy in universal education which only a human solution may provide.

Plato and Winnicott point to Memory as destiny and Oral tradition as the legacy of the past which combined, will save us from economic folly and painful predominance of neurosis.

The EDI of Offord Centre is pointing to a social disaster unmatched in human history. Western society is subjecting itself to a psychosis of self harm with no apparent desire for a cure or recourse.

But Canada in its own ancient wisdom through its Indigenous Nations who have already had a significant effect on our national protocols and social dynamics can make a mark on the universe by taking a resolve to correct the disaster looming by focusing attention and acceptance and recognition of the good that comes with all variations of humanity that live within our borders.

The beginnings might be to reconsider the meaning of PM Pierre Trudeau’s maxim; “government has no place in the bedroom’s of the nation” and add ‘except when national and human cultural security is threatened’.

Rights of the Unborn

A change in the laws of Canada must recognize the rites of the unborn. And to endeavour to change the common languages of Canada from that which belies warlike behaviour to that of a language which elevates human memory, unity in tradition, and respect for one another including the human nature roles of men and woman respectively including what we now know as a society, the rainbow effect of human sexuality.

Conscious experience has taught me that ‘things exist’ before physiological conception, immediately before. Also reflected in D H Lawrence’s Fantasia of The Unconscious. Therefore a case can be made that ‘intent is movement’. A Platonic principle.

Another piece of knowledge awarded me on reflection, cell’s character carry memory, Therefore in turn zygotes carry memory which effectively equip the fetus to participate in intellectual growth of the world but to also contribute their own memory and wisdom for the good in the universe. To further my thesis, the beginning of life begins as an idea in the mind the two part the souls of the progenitors which may also be called the protagonists. The actors in creation. If they are cast as antagonists as our society has a propensity to do, by definition they become a drag on the good of creation flummoxing the mystery of human nature, its potential.

The embryo/fetus is a discrete living entity at conception with the power to choose; self preservation, self improvement, self completion. It also comes capacities for language, logic, and reasoned argument, called dialectic a word which calls for the expectation of discipline within conversation between correspondents. Expectation of Discipline is the wonder phrase because it it is most certainly with the embryo but not necessarily with the parents therefore not automatically a social contract but essential for minimizing future neurotic behaviour in the infant. The nascent embryo is complete with the three essential parts of its lifetime soul completion capacity: mind, spirit and appetite formally outlined and elucidated in Plato’s philosophy.

Critical thinking is what the embryo from conception and the newborn from partition does with their natural endowment much like our modern day digital memory fully partitioned in levels of forgetfulness and functionality. Digital engineering mimics the natural universe of the mind. We see the repetition in the two worlds one created by the universe and the one created by mankind in reverence to the whole of creation but also that which honours Plato’s theory of ideas.

The fetus the facility of critical thinking to begin learning and affirming the utility of its faculties (facilities) of grammar/language, logic/arithmetic and argument/dialectic.

There is a loss in Canadian society today. It is a lack of consensus toward understanding the magnificent role of parenting and long held science of of the socratic method easily used to acknowledge and raise our children to a minimally neurotic malaise which promotes good health, good behaviour and prosperity in the individual and all sectors of society.

Too often the authoritarian methods of admonishment, penalty and subtle violence are used to discipline each other – not just our children. I hold the methods of reward and punishment are absent in nature and should be absent in human growth. The absence in nature held to be true by the evidence of consequent neurotic syndrome outcomes when it comes to generally in appropriate authoritarian disciplines of our social structures.

Survival of the Fittest?

It is generally absent in mother nature’s method of raising young in spite of the mythical notion of ‘survival of the fittest’! A particularly errant notion for child raising, human health and prosperity.

Platonic philosophy reflected in dialogues of the Republic and the Symposium directs the constitution of the soul in the embryo, infant, child carries with it ta promise to reduce poverty, discordance among peoples and distress in the whole population, all citizens. It also promises to increase mindfulness necessary for happy satisfying relations among all sectors of society.

Anecdotal evidence is all I have as proof that Plato’s philosophy assisted by Socrates’ method of asking questions is sufficient to agree on the truth among correspondents works well for assisting parents in promoting the foundation development of the soul’s constitution in their children. Consensus, coordination and mutual assistance and support in the objective between the parents and extended community is the optimum practice.

It must be emphasized simple language is essential, without irony, cynicism, bad attitude jokes and even admonitions of the simplest nature. ‘No’ is not well understood but simple queries will go a long way to developing a strong sense of self, and the parent who supplies the child’s expectant need just before the child asks for satisfaction will measurably reinforce the child’s sense of invincibility and self confidence. The rule is to use only reason, logic and the notion of justice and your acknowledgement of the good.

A strong capacity for critical thinking is imbued in one’s being, from conception of the fetus, then embryo then infant then child to adult confusion sets in early when incredulous, prejudicial behaviour of the parents moulds the character into a primary.

Critical thinking is what the embryo from conception then the child from partition birth does.  good uses the method of critical thinking to begin learning utility of its facility faculties and language use arithmetic use and argument.The three today are known as grammar logic and rhetoric.

Banish Authoritarianism

What is lost in our society today is a concessions in understanding of magnificent role of the parent and the simple route used of Socratic method in parenting rather than the authoritarian method of admonishment what is known as reward punishment which assented nature to me is absent in nature so not expected by infant confusing.

Are electronic philosophy reflected in the Republic in the Symposium for establishing constitution in the sole of the embryo infant Child Care is within a promise to reduce poverty discordant and distress in the whole population all in citizens it also promises to increase mindfulness necessary for happy satisfying relations with the parts of society.

Anecdotal evidence is all I have as proof that Plato’s philosophy assisted by Socrates method of asking questions sufficient to guarantee that the truth among correspondents work well for assisting the appearance in creating the foundation of the souls constitution in their children consensus coordination and mutual assistance between the parents is the optimum practice.

It must be said simple language is essential no irony cynicism platitude for admonitions only reason and logic create Grand equation of a font a constitution foundation in the soul of a child begins before conception the very first step is to open and offer a welcoming attitude and never withdraw the welcome if the parents are apprehensive by asking a simple question, what wait for a response and listen carefully

Richness of the Infant’s Expectations

The new one seeks movement of any kind which is interpreted as a affirmation over the short and long a formation will result selected will result in the formation of entity as a social being naturally seeking approval as being a one and only and a 1in Association of Social being that phone right

My Neighbours Disbelieve the Findings of EDI

In trying to understand the problem EDI points to I’ve tried to discuss it with my neighbours so have have families when I say I always listen carefully to the children and let them know I’m listening even before they could talk my neighbour is invariably laugh at me and my presumption that my children had anything’s worth listening to it wasn’t the first time I was faced with a problem that might Society seems to have forgotten their own humanity and the profound gifts they came with I can’t help but it’s evident speak public blind self-abuse ignored for its serious threats to the human civilization albeit a threat to the miraculously being of human child in our death presents

Learn to Listen

Listening skills seem to have been lost, its utility yet one neighbour who laughs hard hardest took me aside and asked “how do I do it” I’ve met your children and they all treat you with respect then he began to cry between his tears he said “I have five boys and none of them talk to me.” I was dumbfounded at his  admission and mystified.

Not long after he passed away, at his funeral his daughter invites me to his celebration of life when I ask her about her siblings but admits no knowledge of her five brothers. So much for my listening…

The Richness of My Reward for Listening is Boundless

But I still listen carefully and I experience many cheerful responses from young and old in this cheerful exchange has happened to me so many times I feel compelled to make it my life’s work to finding out why this happens.

Greatest Human Fear is of Abandonment

I think the tears are of relief. The greatest human fear is abandonment! My deep listening shows for the moment their fear is not assuaged by our potentially enlightening conversation. My estimate is the tearful individuals have experienced some Early Childhood trauma of fearful or real abandonment from one or both of their parents. The tearful responses in my conversations with my neighbours are signs of ingrained fear learn from real experience which can happen even in the womb, so too from conception. 

Greek Philosophy Says it All

Plato and Socrates are a great influence on this short scenario. Their philosophies are clear on the topic; knowledge comes only from experience, never forgotten! Therefore the fear of abandonment is an experience emanating from the appetitive foundation of the soul. Fearing abandonment is a learned experience emanating from memory of the appetitive quality of the Soul; very similar to the need for food, drink and human connection among the many other natural appetites in the human experience.

Sensitivity of the Soul is Very Deep

Modern social science shows the first experience is be called first the profound sense ability of the human being at all levels of maturity is so cute it’s hard to acknowledge by most people today frontal sensitivity to this fact must be a part of Mount centrality again even within the momentary conceived and even if only cellular memory is involved memory is autobiography (page 96 Vital Lies and Simple Truths)

Multiplicity of ProCreation

Having sex and thereby creating a human being are not the only creative acts of procreation. Introducing a cohesive constitution of a soul is the most certain way to create a happy and just world that will sponsor even greater achievements in human history it also helps to build a happy human being.

Foundational Soul Building is Role of Parents

Introducing a cohesive Constitution to individual soul may seem to most correspondence a very high order but it is done reliably by discrete groups of human society today mostly by inspired by Plato philosophy and the Socratic method

The effectiveness of Socratic method teaching techniques is evident in at least three school system the Jesuit the Presbyterian and the Cambridge system those and many more only deal with education of the child to the adult they do not focus on the embryo and infant that focus is left with the parent rightly and wrongly now because technically significant scientifically Advanced World which highlighting a pressing need for the fine tune the education of baby to find from before conception till before entry into preschool and kindergarten

Revisiting the Notion of Government

Maybe our nation lost add or alter its Constitution to act 4, good-bye revisiting the notion of the government does have some business in the bedrooms of the nation primarily for promoting and Asher and cognition of human Souls and as a positive reflection of the national Soul.  I believe it’s easier done than most would think! But one way or another it must be done. our national system of governance depends on it word survival

What’s Killing White Men?

I saw today on BBC World News headline: “What’s killing America’s white men?” 

In Canada it’s not just men but women and children commit or attempt to commit suicide too! The answer which I perceive is our modern concept of financial wealth has been traded for our cultural soul in community. Until the world recognizes this piracy of human worth the future will look ever more bleak and valueless/hopelessness. Suicide is a remedy. Unpromising. A critically deep, prevalent and growing lack of personal self esteem within individuals and capitalist culture in the pivot point of human futures until this one problem is thoroughly addressed there will be continued unrelenting growth in this threat.

Create Self Esteem

My answer which I propose is the same for both; a critically deep and persistent lack of self-esteem promulgated from a deep lack of self-respect by the parents and caregivers a lack of awareness for the gifts with your fetus brings into the world which never fails to be extant with a child at conception. Two other answers may be valid; few individuals hold listening as an important quality of life endeavour,  this makes one irrelevant. The other is source of power is shifting; few know where this human appetite will settle.


Hope that things will change persist Vital Lies and Simple Truths offers ancient solution to the problem of neurosis which Daniel Goleman outlines in his book they are too fold: awareness without anxiety and or insight undistorted by the defensive urge to avoid anxiety. Goleman also footnotes Plato defined the Philosopher’s task as “Melete Thanatoll” – ‘mindfulness of death’. A task that requires unflinching awareness of life.

In suicide

In suicide, death is a relief from irrelevance and abandonment. I’m recommending establishment of a constitution for the individual Soul Plato renders death an unnecessary choice. But to choose a healthy and happy existence by continuous building and rebuilding of the souls Constitution helps build the world Soul by increasing knowledge in the universe. 

Choosing Life

By choosing Life One chooses to participate in building not only one’s Soul, the city’s Soul and the world’s Soul, one also participates in helping build the soul of the universe. This is Plato’s thesis.

Soul Building

Plato also leads Humanity with tools for accomplishing the task of Soul building since it’s time to present some of these tasks have been and are being used to Great Effect 1 of the scientific method promulgated by Aristotle another is a trivia a teaching method with the Socratic method and three basic knowledge skills of the fetus grammar logic rhetoric, mind, spirit and  appetite of the Soul. see all intern require intrinsic ability of critical thinking in the fetus the Creator is generous being always desirous of us to accept the gift of life the embryo comes ready to choose through language now and reason the only way that can be stop is who disregard abandonment and mindlessness obese parents and caregivers

Republic of the Soul

Plato’s Republic is just one of his flock of dialog written to benefit the future of humanity end to preserve an ancient oral culture of travel Greece fries of many nations contrary to conventions of today is actually A Treatise on how to establish a constitution for a soul Trust it will be obvious all that’s all we require a reflection in a city-state own Constitution City-State of the Soul by Kevin Crotty.

EDI or early development instrument

Canada finds there is something sorely missing in the Souls of its people. It is well articulated at the Offord Centre at McMaster University generally referred to as the EDI or early development instrument. This is a tool for predicting the learning readiness of children to enter preschool. It also predicts likely outcomes for quality of life in adulthood for children who are not ready socially to participate in preschool activities and learning experiences standard populations are capable of attaining.

Unfashionable Crises in Human Relations

The surprisingly fast development and effectiveness of technology in the service of mankind particularly corporations and capitalism has created an unfashionable crises in human relations with seems unable to reconcile its own role in the Affairs of the world and the power that be.

45 Months of Child Rearing

We’re Plato has foreseen a crisis in relationships between political man and has offered methods proved effective in dealing with the crisis foreseen, including human relations with the state he offered scam insight into man-woman ruled and relationship or their own final motive in child end bearing. the 45 months of child growth and education required for to participate in world affairs is inadequate ineffectiveness and almost forgotten in disregard in modern times.

Mother Natures’s Role for the Father is Critically Important

Bones of child education from conception to age three is passed off as a ‘mother’s job’ described as another rule for captaining progress of Affairs in An Early Child Life programs and nothing more, but the supreme role of the father is denigrated as unnecessary to the child’s infinite detriment.

A Child Must Be Shown to Be Worthy and Affirmed

Of contention is the question that the embryo meets the standard of person and comes with an innate drive to self identity, self-motivate and self finish from conception. All that is missing is a willingness or need to listen and ask questions and continue every repeat the routine. it will result in high self-esteem with the child who now knows that he or she truly is a deserving self to be cared for and is truly affirmed as relevant and acceptable to the world.

Fetuses are Created with Infinite Memory of Generations Past

Modern Social Science Biology psychology and Psychiatry supports my own anecdotal experience of participating in the conception rearing and educating for children with and without the assistance of 2 parents.

Will confirm my experiential truth. That the fetus and its newborn version possessed desire, capacity and motive for applying reason and using their native cellular memory and their own equipped rated memory has biography to support their creation and existence memory and experience is accumulated truth modern science shows that cells contain memory and the past and they pass it on from generation to generation platonic philosophy posits memory as history.

Parental Indulgence in Emotional Care of the Child is Urgent

In the time and space of 45 months the parent caregivers of the new multi alien child human are commanders for good or ill mostly without the state’s direction or mandate. But a lack of consensus on modes of care short of mythological motherhood and mostly the Virgin fatherhood is problematic in this so-called democracy directly govern the world.

The Parental Foundations of Soul and Character

Without A celebrated welcome and the firm self sole Human Society on the whole is reaping chaos in the child not a self-affirming entity but ones that 10 to a reference for deaf after wreaking chaos comes fight a reflection of the present human brand humans create dogs better than 30% of our children caused by pure and simple willful ignorance and a missing conceit between State and Polis expertly acted on by a parental behaviour within consensual social norms which seems to be far outside the special intent by the creator for human potential good. 

Indigenous Canadian Nations

Last spring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on a beach in British Columbia a remarkable social message for Canada and Canadians but particularly Indigenous nations in Canada. He said: The Government of Canada From now on deal with Indian nations to nation to nation. A month prior to this announcement I sent a letter to my Member of Parliament you want to bold Pamela Goldsmith Jones asking her to do just that. in one amazing low-key announcement he acknowledged Territorial and National status of 600 + indigenous Nations throughout Canada

Personal Offence Taken – Faced with Weak Childrearing Skill

At risk of serious indignation I’d like to ask each Nation on their rebuilding progress to each work to produce and publish their own Nations 8 Constitution thereby providing that’s all you needed leadership in our Canadian population polis. how Constitution building is done for the benefit to with people and to show all people how to inculcate it individual Souls. you paragraph I must note Plato’s floss V is born of the need to make X evidence of a way of thinking and Rich 1 emerging out of Millennia of oral tradition all the socratic wisdom was never written by Socrates but Plato honors him by his phenomenal effort of writing Socratic philosophy out in memorable prose dialogues, an effective manner available to all today. Those who would listen particularly people in the Agora not only ones on mountaintops both physical and celebrated. It was not a white man’s tradition it is asian Greek, useful still in justifying its Western participation with Nato and the European Union. 

Put Down Our Weapons & Give Thanks for Being Gifted

On that word it’s time for us to put down our weapons and raise up our Universal blessing but new men and women to recognize ourselves as gifts to one another sure power Nation to Nation to Nation leave our weapons to the Guardians. you paragraph what weapons must be acknowledged as Insidious available but in need of control To anyone with a nihilistic attitude. platonic philosophy recognizes them but puts them in their place with the sponsorships of the Guardians. go paragraph but there are weeks, which threatened the full polis of the ideal they are denigrating language indiscriminate power ignorance eagle and disregard and abuse of memory and subversive thinking to the self. Reality par exsalonce daily life crimes on in spite of our efforts of finding goodness and living and excellence in mankind and the universe .

How and why individuals might know their own constitutions?

After taking some time to understand the language and thinking used to write constitutions of State then moving on to organizations from there I went on to: How and why individuals might know their own constitutions? and I thought let’s try to plan a constitution for a child and write it for them to this I thought would be the right thing to do by a parent for their child but I was stopped in my critical thinking cracks I came up with a question how does one write a constitution for one’s child? must not child Offspring write their own Constitution using their own point of view if not the only form of conventional government stated could only be a hotel in carrying because it’s written for another the other has no child. then I realized parental job in early life is to raise and care for a child it is a high in self-esteem values-driven community-oriented following its Human Social intellectual institutional memory including Healthy Mind appetite and spirit their job is a handful mindfully executed would be the foundation on which the child could begin to build the constitution of their own making.

Greek Definition of Soul

Mind, spirit and appetite are the three constituent frames of the human soul according to platonic philosophy. they are the prime makings of a human self and the footings of a personal constitution Soul the operative word. But it is named by Socrates in his aphorism ‘know thyself’.

Good Enough Parenting

DW Winnicott said he had to accept good enough parenting as as ADD solution to his professional dilemma that’s some of the children under his care through their parents, were not being properly, even inadequately parented for the child’s self esteem. Self esteem being  the aim of constituting a Soul which in my estimate is the prime duty of any parent. In his purview remarkable practice of obstetrics Gynecology and psychiatry he was so disappointed in his lack of affection us and it feels he dedicated a full chapter on the consequences of his black and his profession’s lack and he warns of a predicate harm to the principles of democracy and the consequential paste to the world and its ecology natural and human ecology actually both are natural under platonic philosophy.

The Challenge of National Social Development

Well seeking second opinions on my own thinking in my quest to put an end to good enough Verity and have recommended effective ways to Chance the status quo 30% more or less are at risk children in Canada.  Today the national governance risk for governance Ward good overall outcome in the lives of Canadian citizens made central to the challenge of national social development by Offord Centre’s early development instrument.

Socratic Wisdom is Universal Today

I am gratified by the presence of so many philosophers and t-shirts and so many teachers with a specialty in imparting Socratic wisdom and Platonic philosophy to children. play go through Socrates identifies children as part of his audience hungry for wisdom and I am affirmation of their own unbridled capable intelligence.  play the one voice children to join in dialogue with their own particular Insight that will automatically enhance with that practice.

Critical Thinking is not About Being Critical to Others

Modern fashionable skepticism and self denigrating language events today signified by the end ignorance of the many who don’t take advantage of their National propensity to exercise critical thinking skill make navigating ones in hair intelligence a road full of potholes and windfalls which block growth of self-esteem.

Being Critical to the Child is Not About Critical Thinking

It seemed easier to Rex for Life the self-esteem of a child between conception and 3 years of age . the most certain method immigration is by making their child feel unwelcome particularly by showing intend to abandon her child while the parents are in moments of their own particular distress or not paying attention all extremely preoccupied to the duty of presents with in the child’s time

Cell Phone Use While Caring for Baby is Tantamount to Abandonment of the Baby to Age 14

Simple but life abandonment themes and frames for a very young child are persistent preoccupation with one’s cell phone another is lack of undivided attention while the child is 1 presents. The child’s sense of Abandonment is immensely more powerful and all-pervading life than most adults will conceive even to the extended parent will deny their own intent as defined by their own definition of Abandonment of a child is an expectant reader of body language and emotions not long after conception almost immediately.

Everything is Remembered and Never Forgotten (Socrates)

Each incident large or small goes into the infant’s memory to lie and wait for affirmation or or in rare cases eradication that memory is built in a hierarchy first memory is the first to be recalled confirmed by subsequent insolence the child decides the parent can only decide by listening carefully in a state of love and compassion so the child learns to trust get parent and therefore trust itself. 

All memory is truth but not all truth is good or virtuous. My proposition to the reader is why create poor truth when one can choose to create good and virtuous truth. The best way to start is to always use good non-denigrating language with one and all, not just with your child.

Non truth is forgettable truth form of reality is always retained my thinking on this remarkable idea is this is the foundation of the universe’s idea of the unity of mankind memory retains only the essence of Truth good and bad makes mankind with its unique capacity for critical thinking and commence the important role in building the future of the universe explained many other realities too. 

Formation of Soul and Character is a Classical Education

I stated my credit vacation for so many highly trained individuals who are devoted to platonic philosophy and others to early childhood psychology. yet if find it perplexing so little of the prevailing wisdom seems unable to be enacted for a small window child-rearing opportunity that is preconception to Age 3 years. That is the period in which the mother and possibly the father has exclusive access to provide care; so critical of a person’s character and soul formation.

It being mostly spent in the care of the parents who generally are ignorant of a new anti social reality but who are also subject to welding the power of indignance that their own speeches and opinion of their knowing role as a parents or their special status in it unlearned or proven true in the vein of Thrasymachus argument with Socrates and his own seeming indignance over his right to say what he likes as a trained Sophist.

Philosophy of childhood

Rene DesCarte: a clear and distinct knowledge of the world can be constructed from resources innate to the human mind.

John Locke

A child begins as a blank slate a blank sheet of paper void of all character without any ideas! This is a rejection of Platonic Doctrine. Not so! And patently at odds with mother natures proof of reality!

Noam Chomsky:

The theory of universal grammar.

Alison Gopnik :

Children and adults are different forms of human sapiens they have very different  go equally complex and powerful minds, brains and forms of consciousness, designed to serve evolutionary functions (Gopnik, 2009, 9)

John Locke’s Maxim:

“Reason with children.” If the Socratic Method is consistently used from the time of conception ‘til age four, the method will minimize eternal neurotic behaviour in the child.

John Rawls: A Theory of Justice

Socrates reasons, that we cannot know what ‘good’ is without first having a clear description of the ideal object which we can all agree on. for that, he discusses both the theoretical addled and the theoretical child namely their ideal characters and intellectual development. I’m visiting Europe presently I’m in Athens many times I’ve heard reminders that Canada is a good place the prime minister is a good man Canada is a peaceful country I wish I could go there but I don’t have my papers I don’t have a trade I have friends there it is too hard.

Generous and Impartial to a Determined Immigrant

I’m doing further research on what Channel requires the scene is so hard to achieve it seems education is highest on the list but the objective but the objections don’t make sense to my reasoning. Canada set up a system of immigration that is well thought-out and generous an impartial to a determined immigrant there is a guaranteed route to citizenship if only the education route on Canadian soil is part of the immigration plan. But it remains that Canada is a country of peace and prosperity and incidentally proud of that role. In spite of its reputation for peace, it is no stranger to war. 

Memory Lasts Forever

By extension every citizen Canada and landed immigrant is imbued with a deep sense consciousness of War as a matter of national pride or promulgated in many other ways particularly through subconscious memory, an idea supported by Socrates’ maxim that memory lasts forever.

Modern Colloquialisms Are Violent

First in his language which can on the let us know he abusive was a jarring response innuendo spite cynicism shades of depression invective ignorance willful lack of acceptance and many a tax on personal self-esteem.

Memory of War

And its history words seem to have solved many political problems for such a small nation within immensely disproportionate of large landscape but with the social contract of denial we agree as a people that violence is not a solution to anything but it has been used politically by the status quo for building his peaceful country.

British North America Act

Creation of Canada has been much longer in play than just from 1867 when the British North America Act was set in place by Britain’s Parliament. Canada’s first constitution. But it wasn’t until in 1982 it included the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

History of Violence

Hidden Leaf the appropriate to list as many examples of Canada’s Indulgence in violent action but it’s not the purpose of this writing. The purpose is to show how our History of Violence license by our state government. has a back forward on its people of today and certainly also those who will inherit the future it is not error say or rumour but identified directly by the philosophy of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Moral Frustration in a Child?

I’ve seen and experience violations of self-esteem development and moral frustration and very young children and embryos and very old men respectively most of it seemed to be because a war like pudding of individuals engage in the dance for money so popular today results in the wilderness of both babies and seniors youth are with with speechless questions.

The Habit of War Will Eventually be Abolished

So my only rational conclusion is Canada’s citizens are caught up in a war of denigrating words and body language to leave their Humanity squirming on the ground in finding no where else to go.

Simple Restructure of Corporations

I’ve spelled out examples it seems to say more would be following but my basic findings tell me his humans are probably being enormously betrayed by corporatist and capitalize piracy of this magnificence of human potential. And it must stop; reason and Justice must Prevail.  In the name of Socratic world of asking questions and listening deeply to the answers.

Mind, Spirit and Appetite, the essence of and partitions of Soul must be honoured as the foundation constitution of the human soul and the world Soul. Plato shows how to teach Children philosophy and how to grow in it; while growing into and through life. Caring for all children from before conception to age three. It’s a renewed task for raising children to high self-esteem that will produce a remarkable statehood in Canada.

A Fetus Has No Rights In Law

A fetus has no existential rights in law. It is easy for parents in the supporting family and Community to ignore their own personal and social responsibility when the state implies no legal obligation to the fetus because of this. Due to a damaging form of mythology which surrounds the ‘Snowman’s Land’ form of values building becomes entrenched in Consciousness and unconsciousness throughout the Canadian State construct.

This problem becomes just another weapon against human potential. A battle to suppress the immense human potential in the development of the individual the world and the universe as outlined in platonic dialogues.

Mindlessly Welcoming Animosity Toward Ones Self

Modern psychology has documented ways in which unconscious animosity animated self thereby rendering its administrable admissibility by individuals and groups next to Impossible and therefore simply non-existent. Lacuna’s, schemas and frames are notions of modern human psychology it is that described in part how the brain works particularly in stressful situations. Science says a lot but platonic philosophy formed with the Socratic method by its inventors

Parents Build Self Esteem in Their Children

The Greek tradition of a classical education. Socrates and Plato is remarkable skill for recording it for our posterity has two recommendations for limiting the lacunae of denial. It’s called Building self esteem by building the foundation of a constitution in a Child. Modern psychology outlines how this is done; by essentially building a library of positive memories in the fetus, infant and child under 4 years who is scheduled to enter kindergarten or preschool.

October 14 2018

Because a new human comes with a profound fear of being abandoned this is the route of first things. I think Plato’s dialogues primarily written due to the author’s profound sense of loss from the rejection of his goodwill presented in the creation of Plato’s dialogues from the writer’s mind but it was not just the loss of 1 it is wrapped up in the later and unreasonable loss of his friend and teacher Socrates. But it comes from his betrayal by the idealized in Plato’s reasoning, but extant ‘philosopher kings’ of the city-state of Athens, Greece in the fourth century BC. Plato’s despair motivated him to try to preserve his people’s ancient and Rich the end of oral tradition because he felt it was coming to an end; A logical and commensurate fear for anyone.

Gentle Questioning and Gentle Listening

Not just the Republic, but most of his dialogues indicate his misgivings and solutions for future human outcomes, the first of them are Plato’s character ideations of Socratic wisdom; his gentle questioning ending with a logical truth which inculcates correspondent beings educated to insightful thinking. Another sign that oral tradition is important to human existence Plato’s gift and masterful writing convey the gift: all comes from the Universal Soul to the human group, the state, the world and the continuance of building the universe is Plato’s sadness at the cause of Socrates condemnation and it’s result in his death, cause such turmoil in his own soul he left as weapons for 13 years he probably use the time in unfamiliar territory to plan his own justification for Socrates death his form of writing and his decide on its audience –  It Is Us! Plato’s ultimate gift to us: instructions on how to constitute a state sufficient for Humanity that is a home constitution for human Souls. Feeling purpose for existence is its ultimate aim. his purpose therefore includes a certain evidence of individual power and capacity to create be mindful deliver Justice reliably and to return reality into the highest form of mindfulness but also to come into a spiritual state of Oneness with the universe nearby increase its service to the Oneness of us all.

Importance of Oral History

Oral history started a trend it will continue to do so with the ones who know memory is key but requires training. Plato’s pay on a Hymn of Thanksgiving for the human gift to the universe is locked into the dylox and is and was honored also buy them so products Socrates and Aristotle who proved the efficacy of this gift. All that is needed is for our social order to fully unwrap the gift by educating its recipients or citizen to identify and take advantage of its power for good. The idea of gift to the universe for tens of plan for a certain Destiny toward a special task for Humanity. What is it?The idea I refer to can also be seen to reflect the answer to an eternal human question seemingly unanswerable but for Plato and Socrates is staring them in the face it is also the resolution to Plato’s angst over the unjust death of his teacher

War is on Our Minds

Knowing them well all Canadian citizens are molded by language as casualties of War the language is always couched. Violence of social relations common language of abuse large swathes of video media which permeate the emotional landscape memory of abuse from persons of poverty and separation including self-denigration by language action and mimicry.


 Pervasive nihilism saturates Consciousness with only mild accession but the real memory lays in forgetfulness as many layered unconscious supporting the many problematic  and unreasonable memories manufactured in the midst of plenty. Armies of Justice and Health care workers shoring up society in the name of caring for one another (which is generally a given) but rarely productive successfully. In it, the profoundly discordant memories, routines of spousal abuse working both ways equally and by extension, child abuse as a matter of collateral damage; men and women and families are set at odds with one another, forced into a bad rap feeling guilt of sole responsibility subjected by their cultural lacunas (profoundly unconscious memory) without education and liberating conversations that with its ability to disclose could repair the discord.

Mission Creep In Athens 2018

While visiting with the people I met in Greece they ask me what I’m doing here when is when I say I’m studying platonic philosophy at the American School of classical studies in the bacon library then they ask why I tell them I think it’s time for all Humanity to become aware of each one’s unique and Rich intelligence and realize it’s a reasonable duty to become aware and to become participants in the building of a human world. It happens Plato’s philosophy worked out from Socratic reasoning is pleading for the world’s people to do just that. And Plato as a student of Socratic Method has written his dialogues based on the oral tradition of the particular personal background and character of Socrates’ long and wisdom laden lifestyle and Socrates’ own oral tradition. The dialogues I’m out to prove is thesis set the Socratic method questioning that there is a simple and honourable way to do it with what is called the Socratic method the habit of critical thinking:

After a moment of confused musing, my Greek correspondents snicker a little and say “It’ll never happen, the powers-that-be can’t allow the little one ever to use their power to their increased intelligence with a reserve, renewed level of self-esteem.” Most of the time I feel frustrated at such an accurate and wise response to my thesis and I’m not able to engage a rejoinder quick enough to probably share the positive prospects of such a new and pending reality, but I’m working on it.

Freud on memory (page 58 Goleman)

What we describe as our character is based on memory traces of our Impressions and moreover the Impressions which have had greatest effect on those of our earliest youth. They are precisely the ones which scarcely ever become conscious. A preponderance of early memory left unrecalled and unprocessed deep within many levels of unconscious, can be construed as a sure source of neurosis that results in delusion as habit.

Fogginess of Memory

The antidote to delusion is insight. Dilution comes from forgetfulness or fogginess of memory or anxiety out of place.