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Child Rearing Begins Before Conception

[It wasn’t long before she made her move. Over dinner at Anderson’s Beef Restaurant on the Creek in her shocking pink dress she told me she wanted a baby girl from me then I could buzz-off. I said: “No baby girl — unless she was prepared to have me stay to her raise the child with her”.

It all worked so well we had another. Fortunate and propitious it was. I had made up a plan before we met to raise my next two in the way I’m recommending on this Blog.

Children must be cared for by their parents without any other preoccupation. At all times in life of course but most particularly from before conception to the age of eight. The the world intercedes. But if your have done the job of a good and natural parent one should have no fear. Providing ours with a classical education which any one can do [grammar, logic and rhetoric without words but with anticipation of familiar feelings] that we administered the program between us; our aim was to encourage, in them, feelings of invincibility. [more on this later].

We never failed them in their expectations of need fulfillment. The invincibility was imparted to them because we supplied their need just moments before they had to call for it. This included everything from breast feeding to diaper changing and and the right time for bed. It also included our own good sleeping habits and adventure seeking for six month olds. This practice made them feel invincible in the world. Not an unreasonable state of mind when one considers the generosity of the natural world.

It was like dancing, different steps for different occasions and none of the melodies were the same.

From Donald. . .

. . . at Home thinking now about those two remarkable people working their way in the world at very interesting good paying careers.