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Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? The Parents or the State?

I Contend – A Parents’ Singular Preoccupation with the Pursuit of Wealth Denigrates Their Offspring’s Human Potential

The Offord Centre (EDI) begs the question:

Why is it? Among the richest communities in the world (the one in which I live) is among the highest scoring communities that attribute a substandard future lifestyle to particular individuals? They are the children in the community that are annually slated to enter preschool in September but are found to be socially unprepared to enter as surveyed in February. Also, when they become adults they suffer confusion in a condemnation – to live without the promises fulfilled of the rich society in which they are raised. What is worse, a larger portion of the male children in my community are at risk. Males at over 47% and females at over 24%. The aggregate is 33% of the total annual entrants to the public school system.

At the other end of the spectrum of substantive communities in Canada (Hamilton Ontario) known as predominantly working class, where the Offord Centre is situated at McMaster University also has a similar prognosis of poor social outcomes only marginally more significant than mine. 

The world’s modern society promotes denial (at all strata of society) for one’s basic human need to be part of a social model of inclusion and to be classically educated. But we are not taught to think and grow rich! But to mindlessly participate in a contagion that denigrates and poisons human initiative! No matter where we live in the modern world, especially in the west.

A Partial List of Social Scientists who Address the Question

    1. Donald W Winnicott – “Good Enough Parenting” – He says is Insufficient!
    2. Abraham Maslow -”Hierarchy of Needs” – Not Just a few!
    3. Daniel Goleman – “Vital Lies, Simple Truths” – The essence of fear!
    4. Arthur Janov – “Life Before Birth” – Even before conception!

Questions to be Addressed

  1. Does the world ignores the rich potential of human nature to its great peril?
  2. How does society in partnership with the parents deeply care for children?
  3. Why is it Parents that volunteer in community raise fewer children at risk?
  4. How do you encourage potential parents before during and after pregnancy, to brush away all preoccupation but that of child nurturing and hold them close and tenderly?
  5. By the Socratic method. ie to follow the Paedea? What is it?
  6. The ancient Greek method for teaching within the extended family in society.


  1. Socratic philosophy is about creating a self by asking questions of the pristine unconscious
  2. Use Socrates’ method of asking questions by switching from Aristotle’s scientific method
  3. The universal success of Aristotle’s scientific method born from the socratic method
  4. Hebrew scripture and tradition use Socratic Method for nurturing human potential
  5. In Canada the rights of the unborn from preconception must be enshrined in law
  6. The notions of education and training must be separated & repurposed
  7. Economic models of universal income and planned economies cannot arrive quick enough
  8. Scrap fancy carriages and use a Snuggly for holding the baby child close
  9. Train Doulas to care for zygotes, embryos and newborns (set the stage of the character of the new being)
  10. Recognize acknowledge and support the profound sensitivity of all human beings (men)
  11. Recognize wisdom of the ‘aged fathers’ and the ‘consternations of mothers‘ as role models

Adopt Intensive customs of community involvement

  1. Teaching a Classical education is the sole responsibility and role of mother and father; the immediate family, the extended family, the community. In total – the ‘Paedea’
  2. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic is our old phrase for the paedea. It stands the test of time. A ‘classical’ education the teachers are the parents (in community)
  3. The secret is to begin asking the ‘new being’ questions in the womb and before conception. The child has the capacity for language we seldom recognize. I’ll explore the power and effectiveness of this Socratic method in subsequent posts

A Winning Conclusion

  1. The twenty first century is a period of great Human Potential in , evidenced by large strides in technology and commensurate satisfaction toward problem solving; in all things technical and scientific. 
  2. Now is the time for another type of revolution, that of celebration and nurturance of human potential for leaving no one behind individuals and all types of communities.
  3. Banishing fear amongst individuals and serving humans under a new way of thinking that holds Corporations to a contract of corporate rights as slaves to all the myriad needs of Humanity: as Humanity. Not the other way around, humans are not slaves to the corporate world.
  4. All corporations of any kind must have spelled out unequivocally within in their articles of incorporation that their rights are governed by principles written, re-written and generally accepted as principles of human nature that serves humanity in the universe without limit in time, place or circumstance.